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I have been photographing newborns, babies, children, their siblings and their parents since 2002, and what I love most about what I do is experiencing the happiness and joy I get to share with my clients on a daily basis.  Whether it comes from an expectant mum or dad, or because a new family member has arrived on the scene; I can’t help but share that excitement with my photography clients. On this page, you’ll find brief descriptions and thoughts about some of my most favourite and memorable Maternity photo sessions and Newborn photo sessions as well as some of my most recent work plus photography session highlights and client case studies with example pics. To view my latest pricing, packages and specials, please visit my Pricing Page. To book a session please use my user-friendly Session Booking Form. Thank you :)

Classic Newborn Session: Mister J

Classic Newborn Session. Pure and Simple.

I can never get fed up with these Classic Newborn session images! I did these many many years ago at my studio in Wembley, before the newborn genre changed its style. Fortunately for this particular style, it is still very much in and believe it will continue for many more years to come. Set up on a black background and one single light source, you cannot get more simpler than this. Single, nude baby with no colour or prop distractions. Best of all these sets look fantastic in colour and black and white. In fact, I had a hard time trying to decide which version to show off, but decided in the end, colour it is for this blog post.

Mister J here was just such a lovely baby to photograph. He was a little bit grumpy but oh so sweet and you wouldn’t be able to tell, he was being bottle fed behind a bit of black fabric. His Mum requested just a few simple shots on the black background done in the family home. All I needed to bring with me was my studio lighting, posing beanbag, black background and a small basket of wraps for modesty, and was able to set up a little mini studio in the lounge room in around 15 minutes.


Perth Newborn Photographer Linda Hewell


Perth Maternity Photographer 32 Weeks

Maternity sessions are just so lovely to shoot. I am a Perth maternity photographer who LOVES what I do. Theres something so calm and beautiful about maternity sessions. I love meeting new expecting parents to be, and sharing in their excitement over the impending arrival of their newborn baby.

My sessions are all very relaxed and unlike traditional portraiture, a good portion of my shots involves focusing on the growing baby bump. Most ,maternity clients come to see me between 32 and 36 weeks. This is a great time for photos as the belly is not so huge and the Mummy-to-be is still feeling fabulous and mobile.

I adore the simplicity of my maternity studio sessions and these images are a perfect compliment for the newborn images taken when my clients return with their new little addition.

This maternity session was extra special for me as not only did the couple bring in their utterly sweet, excitable and friendly dog in to be included in  some of the shots, but they also were long time clients from my old studio from many, many years ago, Creative Looks Portrait Photography in Wembley! They haven’t changed one bit! Well done you two 🙂

Please visit my pricing page at to view my full range of sessions.

Newborn Studio Baby (Mister L)

Newborn Studio Baby (Mister L)

Linda Hewell Newborn Photographer Perth Studio Baby

Meet Mister L, just 14 days old, ever so handsome and so well behaved for his 2 hour Simple session! The images you see here is very typical of my style. Simplistic and as natural as possible. I consider all my sessions (regardless of which photography session package chosen) as baby led posing, which means I let baby decide which poses he or she would like to settle into and then I just gently guide them into place, moving a leg or arm here and there. From there on I use a variety of pleasing angles so I can capture as many shots as possible without moving baby too much before I move onto the next guided pose. Not all babies like all poses and I will not force them into a position if they don’t want to get into them. As the majority of my sessions are short, there is simply not enough time to wait for baby to fall into a very deep sleep for the more complex poses.

My props, if I use them are also very simple, consisting of a bowl which can be seen in the image below. If I want to get really crazy, and at the parents request, I have a very small handful of hats that can be placed on baby for a few shots. For the most part though, I like to keep things very simple with wraps and just baby.

If you would like to incorporate more props into your newborn session, please do let me know at the time of your session as I tend to not bring them out unless they have been asked for.

23 Day Old Miss E

Simple Natural Newborn Photography

Over the years I have developed a style I absolutely love and keep going back to over and over. Its this simple natural newborn photography style that utilises only wraps and parents arms (and occasionally a small headband for the girls) . Nothing can be more beautiful than just baby being the star of the show and I believe not too much more is needed to capture baby as sweetly and innocently as this. While props can be gorgeous, (and I do use them from time to time at the parents request), going back to the basics of newborn photography really focuses on baby in all their newborn charm.

I also adore neutral, simple colour schemes prefering neutral whites, creams and browns with an added pop of colour added for variety. I like to keep my backgrounds simple and clean. In fact my most favourite blanket backgrounds that you see over and over in all my newborn photos, I have had for many years and at this stage I have no intention of swapping them out :).

Meet 23 day old Miss E. Isn’t she just the sweetest thing! I do not panic when older newborns are brought to me for a newborn session. A calm, relaxed room and a comfortable temperature keeps most babies nice and happy. Miss E did a fabulous job on her newborn posing skills in her one hour mini session and slept like a dream. As a photographer, I couldn’t be happier with little ones session :)xx

Perth Newborn Photos 23 Day Old Baby Girl

11 Day Old Miss P Home Newborn Session Lifestyle Inspired

Natural Lifestyle Home Newborn Photography

Natural Lifestyle Home Newborn Photography always adds a bit of pizazz to my online portfolio. For my home visits, I like to use my clients own home as a natural unique backdrop for family photos. Unless talked about beforehand I do like to do a mix of studio shots, simple baby shots to keep with my favourite minimalist simple style. However, parent, sibling and family photos are taken using various rooms in the home such as the master bedroom, lounge room, nursery or against a window etc. I can even incorporate some of babys own blankets and toys as seen in this session below.

Speaking of which, isn’t this the most darling little baby girl. She was such a tiny little cutie pie with the most thickest mop of beautiful newborn hair!! She had enough to bring out the brush! :).

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Natural Lifestyle Home Newborn Photography Session



Newborn Studio Photography

Handsome big brother Mister H was so good to his new little baby brother and was very happy to give him snuggles and kisses during this one hour mini newborn studio photography session. This gorgeous teeny baby slept for almost his entire time with me this day, only having enough right towards the end of the session. He could not have timed it perfectly.

Newborn sessions with older siblings can be a lot of fun as well as challenging. It can be a huge deal for a small child to suddenly have a brand new baby brother or sister enter their lives and while some adapt very easily such as this young fellow below, some are still learning to cope with the big changes a new baby brings into their lives.

For this reason I always take each new session as it comes especially when siblings are involved. If I have a

To book your newborn baby session please to to my contact page at

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Newborn Studio Photography


10 Day Old Miss M: Natural Newborns

Natural, authentic, newborn photography – Unretouched

My most favourite newborn sessions of all would have to be the natural, authentic, newborn photography. Simple setups on white or subtle coloured blankets and wraps is all that is really needed for newborns. While elaborate newborn images are still lovely (and I still do them at the parents request), nothing beats an image that focuses just on all that natural, baby goodness.

This little sweetie arrived 10 days early before her due date and was so utterly gorgeous. Believe it or not, she was a little bit unsettled and absolutely LOVED her dummy and was not all that keen to have it removed for the shots, just giving us a few seconds before letting us know she was not happy :).  We did finally get her into a somewhat cosy sleep before her one hour mini session ended.

Miss M’s parents decided they would like their precious baby unretouched without the need for removing common newborn skin spots, rashes skin flakes and redness. I thought that this would be a fantastic opportunity for you to see just what proof images actually do look like before beginning the retouching process. I am seeing more and more parents these days asking for no retouches and I wonder one day if this is how newborn photography will evolve. Pure, natural, authentic photographs of baby. Of course every client has their own preferences to exactly how much retouching they would like or not like. Most of my retouched edits are still very natural and not over processed. I prefer to keep babys skins as close as possible to their natural state. Exceptions where a lot more editing may be required are done for babies with extremely spotty, red, rough, hormonal skin which can occur shortly after birth.

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Natural Newborn Perth Photographer 10 day old baby session

7 Months Old Mister E: Baby’s 1st Year Milestone Session

Baby’s 1st Year Milestone Session

Seeing my newborns return as older babies for their Baby’s 1st Year Milestone Session is really something special. It is a blessing to watch these babies grow up and develop such individual personalities. I first met this handsome little guy, Mister E when he was a teeny tiny baby. He then came back at 3 months and just recently as a happy giggly 7 month old. I cannot wait to see him as a one year old.

Milestone sessions are captured when:

Babies are laying on three belly and comfortably lifting up their head (approx 3 to 4 months)

They are sitting up well unassisted for short periods of time (approx 6 to 7 months)

And are just learning to stand without help (approx 1 year)

My quick milestone mini sessions are available for past newborn clients only and stay within my preferred clean, simple style on white/light setups. They are currently priced at $80 per session and is a perfect opportunity to get a few extra shots of baby as they move from milestone to milestone. Some babies at this age can start to get a little shy so its always best for parents to be prepared to jump into the shots too if needed.

All my pricing can be found on my website at

31 Weeks Location Maternity Photography

Natural Outdoor Maternity Photography

I absolutely love location maternity photography. Meet this beautiful young couple expecting their first baby. Pregnancy is such an exciting time and what better way to capture this moment with a relaxed professional photography session. We took the opportunity to get outside in beautiful Perth and do a location session in Ellenbrook.

I just adore these natural photo shoots in the great outdoors. I do all my location sessions in the hour before sunset as this results in gorgeous backlit shots which adds pretty speckles of light throughout the images. Something you just don’t get inside a studio. My location maternity clients wear their own clothing for these shoots. This means that there a no clothing changes involved like my more private indoor sessions. But it doesn’t matter at all because a wander around the park allowed us to get a variety of backdrops and a good full selection of maternity photos for my clients gallery.

These location sessions are ideal if you are wanting a more natural feel to your photographs. It is especially good if there will be younger children present, because what child does not enjoy a family trip to the park! :).

Location maternity sessions start at $295 and includes a full gallery download of all the edited high resolution digital images. All my sessions are “all inclusive” which means you receive all images seen in your gallery so theres no need to pick and choose which images you love the most. For more pricing information, please see my pricing page at



2 Week Old Mister E

Natural Simple Newborn Photography

Its such a great feeling when past mini clients come back to show off their newborn baby sibling. I met Mister C two years ago and feel blessed to now photograph his gorgeous little 2 week old brother. Mister C was not keen to be anywhere near this new little guy, and Mum did not think we would be able to get any images of the two of them together. We did however manage to coax him onto the floor with a bit of technology to keep him distracted. It worked as you can see in the behind the scenes shot :))))

Mister E had the most tiniest little flakes and spots so common in newborn skin. For this blog post, I chose to leave them in in for the most authentic, natural newborn photography.

Natural Newborn Perth Photographer Natural Newborn Perth Photographer Natural Newborn Perth Photographer Natural Newborn Perth Photographer Natural Newborn Perth Photographer Natural Newborn Perth Photographer Natural Newborn Perth Photographer Natural Newborn Perth Photographer Natural Newborn Perth Photographer Natural Newborn Perth Photographer

1 Year Old Miss B

I met and photographed this little sweet pea when she was just 4 weeks new and I was so excited to see her again as a 1 year old. She was absolutely amazing during her photo session. It’s always extra special for me to see my little newborn baby clients growing up into happy, adorable children. This pretty little girl was such a natural and I loved spending every minute of the session with her. We had balloons, bubbles and finished off the session with a mini cupcake smash.

3 Week Old Mister M ~ Natural Newborn Photography

Natural Newborn Photography: Mini Newborn Session

Doesn’t this little bundle of goodness have the most amazing amount newborn hair!!! He was such a lovely baby, and I cannot forget to mention, so very adorable as well. I think he totally enjoyed his one hour mini newborn session taken in my Ellenbrook home studio xx

newborn photographer perth mr m mr. m newborn photographer perth mr. m newborn photographer perth mr. m newborn photographer perth mr. m newborn photographer perth

11 Day Old Mister T – Natural Newborn Session

I had the pleasure of meeting this adorable little guy’s parents when they booked me for their maternity session and I was very excited when I was able to meet him for his natural newborn session. Only 11 days old and perfect in every way. He wasn’t too much of a sleeper, preferring to spend the majority of the time just hanging out with the grown ups, but it didn’t matter at all because he still was able to give me a variety of lovely natural shots for his parents to treasure.

This 2 hour Simple Newborn session was taken in this handsome little guys own home by natural light only. Isn’t he just the sweetest! 🙂


Natural Light Newborn Photography Example by Linda Hewell Photography Natural Light Newborn Photography Example by Linda Hewell PhotographyNatural Light Newborn Photography Example by Linda Hewell Photography Natural Light Newborn Photography Example by Linda Hewell Photography Natural Light Newborn Photography Example by Linda Hewell Photography Natural Light Newborn Photography Example by Linda Hewell Photography Natural Light Newborn Photography Example by Linda Hewell PhotographyNatural Light Newborn Photography Example by Linda Hewell Photography

11 day Old Mister D ~ Natural Newborn Photography

Natural Newborn Photography: Express Newborn Session

Isn’t this little bubba just gorgeous! Just 11 days old and as content as can be in his Express Natural Newborn Photography session. Its amazing what can be achieved in such a short 30 minute session time. A warm room and a full belly before leaving home can do wonders for keeping babies content during their session. Natural baby led newborn sessions are definitely one of my most favourite shoots to do. You can still get a great variety of beautiful shots that do not require baby to be in such a deep sleep. Happy babies, happy parents, happy photographer 🙂 xx

Perth natural newborn photography Natural Newborn Photography by Linda Hewell Photography Natural Newborn Photography by Linda Hewell Photography Natural Newborn Photography by Linda Hewell Photography Natural Newborn Photography by Linda Hewell Photography Natural Newborn Photography by Linda Hewell Photography

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