Short & Sweet Newborns: 8 days Mr B

Baby only:

Mr B, only 8 days old and just so tiny. I do love this age, once the little newborns go to sleep, they are pretty much out, fast asleep until the session is over. This allows me to do do some outfit changes without them waking up during their session.

It is hard to decide when the best age to come in to have newborn photos taken. It really does come down to preference as a client. Some new parents just love that teeny tiny, squishy, sleepy photos you see of babies typical of a newborn shoot. They are still fresh out of the womb and and looking still so brand new, while some like to wait until they have filled out a little more

Some new parents, especially first time parents, find it hard to leave the house so early after baby has been born. Rightfully so, birth and the lack of sleep, and adjusting to all the new changes can be a little overwhelming. So I always tell clients to come in when they are feeling ready. Whether that will be just days after giving birth, or waiting a few week. This is especially true if parents want to be in the photos with baby as well.

I love photographing newborn babies of all ages, although I do find my sweet spot is between 7 days and 3 weeks of age. As they get older they tend to be become more and more aware (and awake), so some poses, including sleepy can be just that little bit harder.

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