Short & Sweet Newborns: 13 Days Miss F

Beautiful baby girl was so content for her short and sweet newborn session.

These short sessions are ideal and best for babies with no siblings. I include a pose or two of parents with baby then I like to focus on baby only shots. Of course nothing is ever set in stone, it all depends on baby’s mood on they the types of shots we do get.

This sweetie was only 13 days old and she was just so sleepy, she was able to give me a good variety of solo baby shots. She decided she was going to have a good long nap so I was able to get plenty of sleepy shots, first wrapped, then testing the waters by slowly unwrapping her!

The Short & Sweet newborn session is a mini version of my Simple session. It is a one hour session and includes a minimum amount of shots and baby is photographed awake or asleep. If you are keen for a few sleepy images of Bub, its recommended to at least go for the Simple session which allow me to get baby off to sleep.

Not all babies are as relaxed as this gorgeous girl, if you’ve booked the Short & Sweet newborn session and your baby is in a bit of a mood that day, that’s totally fine, we will include more parent poses with baby being held and comforted in Mum or Dads arms.

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If my calendar is showing full, email me, I usually reserve a few extra spots for booked ahead babies that I am waiting for that haven’t yet arrived