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What’s the difference between a Newborn Simple Session and a Timeless session?

What’s the difference between a Newborn Simple Session and a Timeless Session? 

I have 2 main sessions for newborns. They are the Simple session and Timeless session. What’s the difference you may ask? 

Simple Newborn Session:

If you are looking for more posed sleepy images of your baby then the Simple session is for you. Even though they are considered “posed”, those images are still very much relaxed and I let baby decide what poses they are happy for me to do. 

I usually start baby off on a white blanket with a loose white wrap for a completely natural look which I love. Then I move on a tighter swaddled wrap and start with family, sibling, then parent poses on the white seamless paper background. The swaddle enables baby to feel comfortable and secure. If I can I love to have their little hands peeking out from the wrap. 

From there I may do some prop shots and hopefully if baby’s really sleepy, will try to slowly unwrap on the posing bed and do all those sleepy shots. I like to try and get baby into 3 positions, a side, back and tummy pose. As each baby is different and may or may not like specific poses, no particular shot is guaranteed. It is however very rare I can’t get at least 2 good sleepy poses, sometimes unwrapped, sometimes wrapped, depending on baby’s comfort level. 

If baby is really not happy, or won’t go to sleep, the best thing to do is to put them in  one of my long sleeved, long legged rompers. I have a small selection of outfits suitable for this purpose. Some baby’s just do not like the feeling of not being clothed, no matter how warm the room is. 

Either way, regardless if baby is clothed or just has a wrap covering the nappy, the focus is on baby solo shots with a few additional family and sibling shots in standard poses 

Sample of Simple newborn session images in a collage.

Timeless sessions

These sessions are completely natural. Unposed and unwrapped. I use parents hands to position baby into “poses”. These sessions give off a more lifestyle, candid, connected feel, but still in a studio setting where lighting and props are controlled. For that light and airy look that focuses primarily on family connection, I do those shots on a backlit background. We then move onto the white seamless paper background for a few traditional poses as well as some more fun candid playful shots. 

Clients tend to receive more images in the Timeless session than the posed Simple session as there is a lot more family involvement and candid moments and we don’t spend time trying to get baby to sleep. Sessions can go a little shorter too depending on baby’s mood but I still do allocate the same amount of time as my Simple sessions in case baby is a bit unsettled or needs a feed. If baby is rather unsettled I will wrap in one of my loose white wraps. 

I have simple regular onsies in all sizes up to 000 in white if you wish to use my outfits for baby. I also have a few in some colours in certain sizes if you prefer a subtle pop of colour. If you wish for baby to wear their own clothing, please do make sure they fit correctly and are not too big.

As the session is shot in a white setting, and involves the parents/siblings much more than the Simple session, plain, lighter coloured clothing works best for work best for these sessions. I have simple regular onsies in all sizes up to in white if you wish to use my outfits for baby. If you wish for baby to wear their own clothing, please do make sure they fit correctly and do not bunch up around the shoulders.

What’s great about these sessions, is that they can be done at any age. If you think your baby is past the sleepy stage or you prefer very natural, unposed images, then this session is for you. It’s very much a go with the flow session and lots of fun! 

Natural baby, timeloess photo sessions in Perth

Timeless Older Newborn Session

Timeless Package: Older Newborn Session

If you feel like you’ve missed the boat because your baby is now 2 weeks old and every photographer is fully booked and can’t fit you in, it’s quite okay. You can still get gorgeous photos of your wide awake older baby.

This sweetheart was 9 weeks old and I must admit, I have been loving the older newborn age group lately. Look at all those expressions and REAL smiles 🙂

older newborn baby gallery

Due to Covid lockdowns, parents wishing to wait until the first set of vaccinations, or new Mums and Dads realizing they have yet to get their new baby professionally photographed, I get quite a few requests for older newborns and I love them so much!

Meet my newest package… the Timeless session. Very similar style to my short and sweet sessions but with extended time (1.5 hours) to get a full gallery and variety of natural, timeless and unposed images. These sessions focus more on family connections surrounding baby and are so ideal for the older baby or the wide awake newborn that prefers to be held by Mum or Dad rather than posed on their own. There is no pressure to get baby asleep, baby is happy because they get lots of cuddles from parents too. You would receive more variety of family/sibling photos than you would with my Simple and Classic newborn sessions which focuses predominantly on solo baby shots and and only 1 to 2 posed family shots, therefore generally more images in a gallery.

Babies are dressed in a traditional onsie/romper  (I have various sizes) and/or wrapped. The gallery is filled with timeless and natural poses that will never age. Clean, bright and crisp photos you can treasure for a lifetime.

What should I wear for these sessions?

As this particular style is very light and airy it is recommended to wear whites/lights. I do understand not everyone likes, or even has light colours in their wardrobe so if you prefer darker colours, wear black. The most important advice I can give regarding clothing is to keep clothing as plain as possible. This keeps the attention on baby and family, not on what you are wearing 

Can I include a few sleeping posed shots of baby in this package too?

It is possible but only if baby naturally falls asleep within the sessions time frame. With my other packages, we can spend a good chunk of time getting baby sleepy and ready for poses. This Timeless session is more lifestyle/family focused with an awake baby and we only stop for cuddles if baby is upset. If bub falls asleep, and time allows, then I am more than happy to include a sleepy shot or  two at the end.

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