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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q. When should I book my newborn session?

A. I do suggest booking in at least 2 months before your due date to secure a session in my calendar. I do try to limit sessions to a manageable number per week. However I also get plenty of last minute enquiries and bookings and depending how my schedule looks in the following week or two ahead, can most likely fit in last minute bookings, however editing time may take longer than usual for later bookings

Q. How long does a newborn session take?

A. As my style of photography leans more towards the natural poses, my sessions do not need to take quite as long to complete and tend to be shorter than other newborn photographers. Most babies can be photographed in a Simple session in about 2 hours and Classic sessions, 3 hours. However I want to make sure you get the full variety of poses and set ups for each package, so time may run over if baby is particularly unsettled.

Q. What if my baby won’t sleep?

A. Most babies do end up falling asleep for a few sleepy shots, however some babies just will not sleep but I can still get a great variety of awake images for your gallery if baby happens to be just that little bit too excited for their session. If sleeping shots are important to you, I highly recommend bring them in when they are around 2 weeks old or less. This age gives the best chance of a more sleepy baby.

Q. What if my baby is very unsettled and won’t stop crying?

A. Occasionally I do have a baby that is highly unsettled during their time with me and I may not be able to get a full gallery of images. If that should be the case with your baby, I am more than happy to invite you back for a short make up session. This is very rare. To ensure you get the maximum amount of time out of your session, please try to arrive on time.

Q. Are you up to date with all vaccinations?

A. Yes, I am a firm believer in vaccinations and I am fully up to date with all shots, including the yearly flu shot and whooping cough booster.

Q. One of my family members is feeling unwell. Should I postpone?

A. Yes. If any of your family members attending the studio are feeling unwell for any reason, please do contact me to postpone your session to another date.

I also postpone any sessions should I feel ill. The majority of my clients are brand new newborns. You can never be too careful around the little ones.

Q. What if I need to cancel my session?

A. I have a no penalty cancellation policy, you may cancel your session and move it to another day with no penalty if you or your family member wakes up sick on the session day.

Q. How long does it take for me to receive my gallery?

A. Please allow up to 7 days for your gallery to be processed and edited. All gallery images are edited in Lightroom. Larger noticeable spots, flakes and blemishes, along with toning down any of baby’s blotchy red skin is taken care of in the initial gallery. White balance, exposure and density are also checked and corrected if needed.

Q. What is “advanced retouching”?

A. Each package allows up to a set amount of images you choose should you wish to have additional editing done. Usually this involves removal of smaller flakes and spots, evening out skin tone and airbrushing of skin including parent edits. The look has an overall polished appearance. Some clients choose to have it, while others prefer the more natural edit of their gallery.

Q. How many photos will I get in my gallery?

A. The images noted in each package is generally the minimum amount of images you would receive. Depending on baby’s mood and modeling skills, you may end up with more. I shoot for the required amount of poses/setups. If siblings or multiples are involved, there’s a high chance you would receive more photos in your gallery

Q. What should we wear?

A. Whites, creams, ivories, earthy tones and blacks all photograph well in my simple studio setting. Most clients choose to wear lighter colours for the white background and black/darker tones for the black background but it’s best you wear whatever colours you feel the most comfortable in.

Do keep all clothing as plain as possible ie no heavy patterns and definitely no T-shirt’s with printed pictures on them. Small patterned clothing is fine but generally the plainer the better.

Here are a few sample images of what has worked well with my style.



Q. Do we need to bring anything for baby?

A. I have everything needed here for baby but you are welcome to bring any special gifts you would like included in a few shots. I do suggest a top up feed before leaving the house if baby needs it and definitely bring a dummy if bub uses one or a spare bottle if bottle feeding. Both these items can really help a session go much smoother.

More About Me


My name is Linda Hewell a maternity and newborn photographer in Ellenbrook, Western Australia. I have been a professional photographer for since 2002 when I completed my education and training from the New York Institute of Photography. I worked for five years as a self-employed portrait and micro-stock photographer. In 2007 I started my own professional portrait studio, Creative Looks Photography. My original focus was Baby and Children Fairy and Fantasy Photos but as the company grew we branched out into many other aspects of photography from Maternity Portraits, Families, Business, Pets and Weddings. While I enjoyed all aspects of portrait photography, my passion has always been working with families, newborn babies, children and expectant mothers. I sold Creative Looks Photography Studio in 2011 to focus on Newborns and Maternity, and I now operate from my own fully set up, dedicated house studio in Ellenbrook. and I also offer a mobile mini-studio service if you live in the Perth WA metro area and prefer for me to photograph you in your own home.

Your baby’s health and safety is my number one priority! I am always kept up to date with all vaccinations & boosters including Whooping Cough, and will postpone any booked sessions if I am unwell so as not to pass on any germs to your baby.

All blankets, rugs, wraps and accessories are washed after each use. Anything that comes into contact with baby skin is washed in sensitive baby wash detergent in between sessions.

I continuously wash hands and use instant hand sanitiser throughout your session to maintain a high level of hygiene while handling your baby. 

I believe in value & pride myself on my quality of work.

Thank you for considering my services.  🙂

❤ Linda Hewell

For Bookings and enquiries; please use the contact form below: *For my current pricing, please view my Pricing page.

* Please note that I respond to every inquiry I receive. I have had quite a few email responses to Web-based email addresses (i.e. Hotmail and Gmail) bounce back to me. If it has been more than 24 hours since you have submitted the form, please firstly check your “Spam” or “Junk” Folders and if my reply is not there then please phone me or email me again and provide an alternate email address or a return phone number so that I am able to fulfill your request ASAP. Thank you 🙂 

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