About Linda Hewell Maternity and Newborn Photographer Perth

About Me

I am a full-time, high-volume photographer with over 17 years experience. I have years of experience operating a high-volume photo studio so I know exactly what’s involved in shooting and delivering affordable but quality galleries quickly and efficiently with 100% client satisfaction.

I have a little house that my family and I used to live in that’s now been converted into a full-time studio. As it used to be our home, I am comfortable spending all day, every day there (it still feels like working from home) – Bonus! 🙂

I am able to do multiple sessions a day and therefore am able to take in many last-minute enquiries. So many of my clients tell me professional newborn photography is not on their minds until after baby has arrived and with all that goes on in the excitement and lead-up to giving birth, of course photography can easily slip their mind.

Linda Hewell Photography is a family-run, full-time photography business. My husband John does all the behind-the-scenes things that are needed to run a successful studio and will take over culling and initial gallery edits during my busier weeks. I take care of the photography, final edits, and client correspondence. Even though I can be quite busy, when you email, text or call, you are still talking to me, not an assistant or anybody else.

I thrive on being busy. It’s a great feeling knowing that I am able to provide my clients with professional photos they may not otherwise be able to afford elsewhere, all while at the same time being able to support our family’s lifestyle fully.

Your baby’s health and safety is my number one priority! I am always kept up to date with all vaccinations & boosters including annual flu-shot, Covid-19 and Whooping Cough. I will postpone any booked sessions if I am unwell so as not to pass on any germs to your baby, and I would ask you do the same. There is no penalty for postponing your session with me.

All blankets, rugs, wraps, and accessories are washed after each use. Anything that comes into contact with baby skin is washed in sensitive baby wash detergent in between sessions.

I continuously wash my hands and use instant hand sanitiser throughout your session to maintain a high level of hygiene while handling your baby. 

I believe in value & pride myself on my quality of work.

I look forward to photographing your newborns, babies and children in the days, weeks, months and years to come xx

❤ Linda Hewell