What happens next? My processes after your session.

You should receive your download gallery link by email in 7 days time. The final number of images you will receive will depend on your session type, baby and/or children’s mood and how many family members in the photos.

Basic Gallery Edit:

I cull each gallery by deleting all misfires, duplicates and awkward poses and expressions. The rest you will receive in your downloads gallery. I aim to photograph a set amount of poses/setups for each session type.

I also check each image at 100% for acceptable sharpness at full resolution. Some images may need to be sharpened further if you are planning on blowing up larger wall prints and canvases. Please let me know any image numbers that you are planning to get enlarged and I will check and sharpen to size if needed.

Cleanup Edit:

All images are shot in Raw format and will have a basic edit (correcting exposure, colour, and sharpening where necessary, backgrounds filled in and smoothed out if needed and baby’s skin colour toned down a touch especially if they are excessively red, blotchy or jaundiced. This is actually a longer process than the actual session itself and where most of my time is spent.

Full retouches: 

Each session also includes a set number of fully retouched images which you may favourite in your gallery. If don’t request anything in particular, you will receive a full skin retouch (the flawless look) on baby as well as parents. This includes removal of all non permanent blemishes, spots, flakes, scratches, even out skin tone and a skin smooth

Also addressed are common issues such as dry skin around fingernails, dandruff and more noticeable fluff commonly seen on black clothing.

If you prefer less editing and would like only the more noticeable spots, flakes or blemishes removed or anything specific, you will need to let me know when requesting additional editing. 

Full gallery cleanup of baby’s skin 

Flakes, blemishes and spots are left untouched on baby in the initial downloads gallery. You have the option to add on cleanup packages which includes  noticeable spots, flakes or blemishes on baby’s face (pricing below). You will need to let me know if you would like this option after receiving your downloads link and I will send you an invoice separately. All additional editing takes between 2-3 weeks from the date of invoice paid.

Full gallery cleanup add-ons:

Short & Sweet Newborns: $50

Simple Newborns: $80

Luxe Newborns: $80

Please note: Some babies have extra spotty, flakey or extremely rough skin. While I do my best to keep skin texture as natural as possible, those with excessive skin issues will need additional smoothing and editing to remove spots and flakes. It may not be possible to keep babies skin natural texture but I will do my best

Please see some examples below: