What Happens Next? (The Editing Process!)

You will receive your download gallery link 7 days after your session. How many images you will receive will depend on your package type.

I cull each gallery by deleting all misfires, duplicates and awkward poses and expressions. The rest you will receive in your downloads gallery. I aim to photograph a set amount of poses/setups for each session.

I also check each image at 50% for acceptable sharpness. This will ensure any standard sized prints (up to 11×16 inches) will be in focus. Some images may need to be sharpened further if you are planning on blowing up larger wall prints and canvases. Please let me know any image numbers that you are planning to get enlarged and I will check and sharpen to size if needed

All images will have a standard edit (correcting exposure, colour, backgrounds filled in if needed. Baby’s skin is left untouched. I don’t deliver highly polished, super edited images. I prefer a more natural edit that doesn’t look overly processed.

I edit on a colour calibrated EIZO ColorEdge monitor to ensure accurate colour renders when printing from professional labs. Photos will look different on different monitors. The only way to see true colour representation is by printing through a professional lab.

Skin retouches 

Each session also includes a set number of additional edited images which you may favourite in your gallery. This will be to remove any noticeable blemishes, flakes, spots, extra redness reduction on baby’s face. Arms, legs, hands and feet flakes are cleaned up as much as possible. The goal is to do a subtle cleanup while still retaining baby’s natural skin texture.

Some babies have extra spotty, flakey or extremely rough skin. While I do my best to keep skin texture as natural as possible, those with excessive skin issues will need additional smoothing and editing to remove spots and flakes. It may not be possible to keep babies skin natural texture but I do my best

I’ve included a few sample before and afters on what you can expect of my skin retouch editing style