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Studio newborn photography

This little guy was so adorable! He peed and pooped everywhere hehe, but it was so worth the cleanup afterwards. He started off a little fussy at the start of the session but halfway through he just found his groove and let me take some lovely simple, natural images of him.

I have built my entire photography business around studio newborn photography and I’ve loved every moment of it. I started newborn photography back in 2007 with my old studio Creative Looks Photography in Wembley. This was back in the day, when newborn photos very much involved putting baby in a basket and using as many fake flowers as you can fit into the frame :).

Moving forward to 2019, I am happy to say I have settled into my own style for a number of years now, and I still jump for joy over the timeless images that can be produced with nothing more than an adorable baby and a wrap or two. This is one of the reasons I have been able to keep my photography sessions affordable. A simple workflow, being able to work with the baby instead of putting them into poses they are just not comfortable with and using minimal, simple and effective props. I don’t have a desire to fill up my home studio with as many props as I can. In fact, I keep my prop selection small, removing and replacing colours and styles as I go.

The above sample of images is my typical newborn photography style I do for most of my sessions. BUT saying that … I do have plans for some more art style photography for newborns in the near future as one of my many creative passions include composited art imagery. Excited to be working on them and offering them very soon … stay tuned! 🙂