23 Day Old Miss E

Simple Natural Newborn Photography

Over the years I have developed a style I absolutely love and keep going back to over and over. Its this simple natural newborn photography style that utilises only wraps and parents arms (and occasionally a small headband for the girls) . Nothing can be more beautiful than just baby being the star of the show and I believe not too much more is needed to capture baby as sweetly and innocently as this. While props can be gorgeous, (and I do use them from time to time at the parents request), going back to the basics of newborn photography really focuses on baby in all their newborn charm.

I also adore neutral, simple colour schemes prefering neutral whites, creams and browns with an added pop of colour added for variety. I like to keep my backgrounds simple and clean. In fact my most favourite blanket backgrounds that you see over and over in all my newborn photos, I have had for many years and at this stage I have no intention of swapping them out :).

Meet 23 day old Miss E. Isn’t she just the sweetest thing! I do not panic when older newborns are brought to me for a newborn session. A calm, relaxed room and a comfortable temperature keeps most babies nice and happy. Miss E did a fabulous job on her newborn posing skills in her one hour mini session and slept like a dream. As a photographer, I couldn’t be happier with little ones session :)xx

Perth Newborn Photos 23 Day Old Baby Girl