Simple Studio Newborn Boy: Perth Newborn Photographer

3.5 Weeks Old Newborn Boy: Perth Newborn Photographer

While babies under 2 weeks old are generally considered the optimum time to have newborn photos done, there’s no reason to think you have missed the opportunity if your baby is beyond that age. This little guy at just 3.5 weeks old, had the strongest kicky legs ever! He busted through my tight wrap within seconds. Such a superman! He did resist sleep when he first arrived, but after a bottle and cuddle from Mum, he settled quickly once he got put into my ever so comfortable baby posie prop. The entire session from start to finish lasted a little under 2 hours, which is typical for a simple session like this.

Here are a few of my favourite samples from my popular Simple session. This session is called Simple because I like to use minimal props where the focus will always be on the baby and family. Even the props I do use besides the beanbag (bowls, posie, and baskets) are still kept to a minimum which results in a clean, fresh, simple, modern style. My posing is all baby-led, which means I let them decide which positions they are the most comfortable in and gently pose them so they are disturbed as little as possible. I love to look at baby images where the baby looks comfortable and cosy. 

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