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Outdoor Family photography sessions in nature’s studio.

I love the diversity of the backgrounds that can be achieved in an outdoor location session. The exact same location can provide so much variety of colours and styles depending on the time of day and the season we are in.

Most of my location sessions take place first thing in the morning just after sunrise or later towards the evening an hour or two before the sun sets. I find these times give me the most optimal light to work with to provide a full gallery of a variety of images.

There have been times as well when I have had to do sessions at any time of the day including the dreaded midday time slot. While these other times can be a little more challenging, I find I can usually find some great pockets of light to hold a session in. This is much easier to do with a small family and generally won’t book an extended outdoor family session during those times of day.

My shorter mini sessions apply to any early morning/evening outdoor location sessions. I find the shorter 20 to 30 minutes sessions are ideal for smaller families with children who can quite easily get bored and tune out at a moments notice.

Mini location sessions are ideal for small families, children from 1 year and up and maternity sessions.

$175 Holiday Mini Sessions, inc Weekends (Outdoor Location)

20 to 30 minute session $175 (inc approx 20 plus edited high resolution images)
Complex retouching, eg headswaps $25 per image

Early mornings and late afternoons only. Currently 6.15am and 6.45am and 5pm and 5.30pm. 

All mini location sessions are held at my favourite spots at specific times  around Ellenbrook to ensure optimal lighting conditions. (up to 6 family members – immediate family only – extended family requires a full general session).

For Maternity, Families and Children.

Before booking a session involving younger children please consider their personality. Some children are very shy and a shorter session may not be enough time for them to warm up and feel comfortable. For very shy children, you may want to consider a one-hour general session instead. ($175 price includes up to 6 family members only)



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