Natural newborn baby photography: Simple Session

Natural newborn baby: Simple Session
Mister C just 3 weeks old ❤️ Such a snoozy sweetheart ❤️
This gorgeous 3 week old baby boy was just the sweetest. Mum wanted some very natural newborn baby photography poses and we took the opportunity to take some photos in his own outfit before undressing him for some wraps. I always like to encourage parents to have them dressed in a well fitted neutral outfit before the session if possible so if we can take a few shots of baby in clothing before undressing them. This is so especially helpful if baby is happily fast asleep before we begin, and is a great time to have those sleeping shots captured before disturbing them in the undressing process. 
The feeling of being undressed can be a little upsetting for some babies, who prefer to be clothed, so I am starting up my collection of rompers which parents can use during the session, which will help soothe baby who is a touch more awake and does not like the feeling of being nude … Speaking of being nude, nappies do stay on for most of the session, I only remove them at the parents request at the end of the session, or once we are ready for a blanket change, for any specific poses. 
This little guy was one of those babies who preferred to be dressed. He fell right back to sleep after his session ended, so I took the opportunity to place him back on the beanbag for a few extra shots. 
Special gifts are always welcome in all of my newborn sessions, such as this bear, a gift from Grandma. Don’t they just look cute together ❤️
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