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8 Week Old Newborn Twins Photography

Newborn Twins Photography

These two little sweeties were so adorable. One newborn baby can be a challenge but 2 newborns at the same time can be that little bit more. Not these two though, they were perfect! I just love snuggling twin babies together and seeing what they want to do naturally, then I gently move their little arms and legs to refine the natural posing I so love to do.

I don’t charge extra for newborn twins photography. They can usually be done in the same time frame as a regular newborn session. If one is a bit restless and needs feeding or extra cuddles, thats when I work on the solo shots of the other. It usually all works out but if not, I do always have extra time set aside in case we need it.

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Mobile Newborn Photography

Mobile Newborn Photography Perth

One of the benefits of mobile newborn photography is my clients don’t have to leave the house! There’s plenty of reasons some parents choose to have me come to them instead of them visiting my home studio. From the exhaustion of long sleepless nights or preferring to keep baby at home, or maybe even older siblings who are needing a nap midway through a session due to the time of day its held, there plenty of perks to having me visit with my mobile setup.

I bring everything needed for the newborn session including lights, posing bed, blankets, wraps, and props. All you need to do is let me know your colour preferences so I can coordinate and bring a few setups. By default, I bring whites and creams, and from there all you need to do is to add an additional colour or two to add to the mix.

Your solo newborn session will look consistent with the images you see on my website. Sibling and family photos are usually done against a plain wall in the home for a studio look, or in the master bedroom for more of a relaxed, lifestyle look. I can bring a small white or mocha coloured backdrop for tighter family shots if you don’t have a wall. My backdrops are best placed next to a ceiling to floor window for more even light.

This handsome guys session was done in the home. You wouldn’t really know it by looking at his full session, but he was quite unsettled and we had to take a lot of feeding and cuddling breaks. His session did take longer than most but that’s okay because he was exceptionally cute 🙂

Mobile Newborn Photography

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6 week old baby boy Newborn Studio Simple session

Newborn studio session

This gorgeous baby boy was 6 weeks old, and had just had his first set of needles and was so cooperative. He settled into his session nicely and even gave me a few moments of sleep time so we were able to capture the chin on hand pose before he woke up. He was simply so lovely! 

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Simple Studio Baby Photos: 4 Months Old Cutie

Studio Baby Photos

While the majority of my newborn Simple sessions are done within baby’s first few weeks of life, it doesn’t stop me from photographing a similar style with the older babies too. Older babies are fun! Yes, they are much harder to fall asleep and pose and tend to wake up at the slightest touch. But with gentle handling, a spare bottle of milk or additional breastfeed, very often baby is able to fall asleep for at the very least, a few short minutes to allow me to get a sleepy pose or two.

If you think you have missed the mark on a newborn photoshoot, but really want to try, why not just give my Simple sessions a go. The longer session time means we can have a chance for baby to have a quick nap. It doesn’t always work, but then again, I have had a brand new newborn who refused sleep too.

It is best for older babies to have their session done in my home studio. I am set up for a variety of backgrounds, so you can walk away with a decent variety of images. And dont forget to include siblings and parents too!

This little chunky monkey was 4 months old and I was able to capture the best of both worlds during his Simple session. A wide-awake, happy, attentive, smiley baby and a couple of sleepy shots! All in the same time it takes to photograph a new newborn too. 

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Beautiful newborn Studio Baby Photography: Simple Session

Newborn Studio Baby Photography

Cute Baby Alert!… This handsome guy came in for an evening Simple session and as I mainly do morning or early afternoon photo sessions for newborns, I wasn’t sure how we were going to go. But as you can see, he was wonderful! I think we only had a little moodiness mid-way through but he got over quite quickly. 

I love my Simple sessions! These sessions are mainly baby focused with simple wraps, poses, and props. I never put babies into awkward poses and always make sure they are comfortable. Most newborn babies are happy to be on their back, side, and tummy and I rarely do anything that requires the baby to be positioned in unnatural poses. This works well for not only the baby but also the parents and myself. 

I am starting to add a bit of extra colour to my shots now and I’m liking it! I will always love white, lights and neutrals, you definitely cannot go wrong with this colour scheme, but I’ve also been adding a bit more of the bolder darker colours too which I’m quite thrilled about.

So if you are booking a newborn photoshoot with me, I am more than happy to take requests of certain colours that I may not currently have, and if there is time between booking and your session date, I will absolutely be happy to source an order a new coloured blanket or wrap 🙂

Most of my Simple sessions will last about 1.5 to 2 hours. I find that usually, this is enough time to get in the required amount of shots and setups for this package. Of course, there are times when baby is just not feeling it and may need extra cuddles and food so I do allow a bit of extra time between sessions for this reason. My goal is for you to walk out of my sessions with the images in the package you have booked. If baby is having a particularly hard time due to extreme fussiness, usually due to feeling unwell, colic or reflux, and we have not been able to achieve the minimum amount of package photos, I always welcome my clients to pop back into my home studio to try again. I think this has happened 2, maybe 3 times in my whole 13 years of doing newborn photography. 

If you are currently expecting a baby soon, or have just given birth and would like to book a studio newborn session, please do get in touch with me. All my pricing can be found on my website at

Meanwhile … isn’t he just beautiful!! x

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