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My home visit sessions are the perfect opportunity to grab some in between natural moments of baby and parents, siblings and pets too! When deciding between a studio session and an in-home visit session, do think about whether you are wanting a more simplified look for your family images, such as in the studio with a plain background, or a more natural, homely feel thats unique just to you.

All in home Simple sessions are up to 2 hours long and include both studio style shots of baby and lifestyle family images. I do bring my studio lighting and like to do a mix of natural and studio lighting, depending on the space I am shooting in.


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What’s the difference between a Newborn Simple Session and a Timeless session?

What’s the difference between a Newborn Simple Session and a Timeless Session? 

I have 2 main sessions for newborns. They are the Simple session and Timeless session. What’s the difference you may ask? 

Simple Newborn Session:

If you are looking for more posed sleepy images of your baby then the Simple session is for you. Even though they are considered “posed”, those images are still very much relaxed and I let baby decide what poses they are happy for me to do. 

I usually start baby off on a white blanket with a loose white wrap for a completely natural look which I love. Then I move on a tighter swaddled wrap and start with family, sibling, then parent poses on the white seamless paper background. The swaddle enables baby to feel comfortable and secure. If I can I love to have their little hands peeking out from the wrap. 

From there I may do some prop shots and hopefully if baby’s really sleepy, will try to slowly unwrap on the posing bed and do all those sleepy shots. I like to try and get baby into 3 positions, a side, back and tummy pose. As each baby is different and may or may not like specific poses, no particular shot is guaranteed. It is however very rare I can’t get at least 2 good sleepy poses, sometimes unwrapped, sometimes wrapped, depending on baby’s comfort level. 

If baby is really not happy, or won’t go to sleep, the best thing to do is to put them in  one of my long sleeved, long legged rompers. I have a small selection of outfits suitable for this purpose. Some baby’s just do not like the feeling of not being clothed, no matter how warm the room is. 

Either way, regardless if baby is clothed or just has a wrap covering the nappy, the focus is on baby solo shots with a few additional family and sibling shots in standard poses 

Sample of Simple newborn session images in a collage.

Timeless sessions

These sessions are completely natural. Unposed and unwrapped. I use parents hands to position baby into “poses”. These sessions give off a more lifestyle, candid, connected feel, but still in a studio setting where lighting and props are controlled. For that light and airy look that focuses primarily on family connection, I do those shots on a backlit background. We then move onto the white seamless paper background for a few traditional poses as well as some more fun candid playful shots. 

Clients tend to receive more images in the Timeless session than the posed Simple session as there is a lot more family involvement and candid moments and we don’t spend time trying to get baby to sleep. Sessions can go a little shorter too depending on baby’s mood but I still do allocate the same amount of time as my Simple sessions in case baby is a bit unsettled or needs a feed. If baby is rather unsettled I will wrap in one of my loose white wraps. 

I have simple regular onsies in all sizes up to 000 in white if you wish to use my outfits for baby. I also have a few in some colours in certain sizes if you prefer a subtle pop of colour. If you wish for baby to wear their own clothing, please do make sure they fit correctly and are not too big.

As the session is shot in a white setting, and involves the parents/siblings much more than the Simple session, plain, lighter coloured clothing works best for work best for these sessions. I have simple regular onsies in all sizes up to in white if you wish to use my outfits for baby. If you wish for baby to wear their own clothing, please do make sure they fit correctly and do not bunch up around the shoulders.

What’s great about these sessions, is that they can be done at any age. If you think your baby is past the sleepy stage or you prefer very natural, unposed images, then this session is for you. It’s very much a go with the flow session and lots of fun! 

Natural baby, timeloess photo sessions in Perth

2 Week Old Mr F’s Newborn Photo Shoot

This exceptionally cute and adorable little guy decided to stay awake for the majority of his newborn photo shoot. 😃  That’s okay, because we were able to capture some of his cheeky personality as he focused on my camera. Such a pleasure to photograph such a lively and bubbly 2-week old!

As you can see however, in the end, we were able to sneak in some sleepy shots after all. 😉

mr f 2 weeks linda hewell newborn photography perth blog

Are you looking for an experienced and affordable Perth newborn photographer? If you like the newborn photos here on my blog and in my portfolio, and want similar newborn portraits for your own baby’s photoshoot, contact me to book your session today! 

I am based in Ellenbrook, WA but I also offer a convenient mobile newborn photography service. You can find information about that and my very affordable, all-inclusive newborn photography packages on my pricing page, plus heaps of info and my photography samples on my Linda Hewell Maternity and Newborn Photography website.  

Did you also know that I also Afterpay, where you can shop today and pay over time? So easy!

8 Week Old Newborn Twins Photography

Newborn Twins Photography

These two little sweeties were so adorable. One newborn baby can be a challenge but 2 newborns at the same time can be that little bit more. Not these two though, they were perfect! I just love snuggling twin babies together and seeing what they want to do naturally, then I gently move their little arms and legs to refine the natural posing I so love to do.

I don’t charge extra for newborn twins photography. They can usually be done in the same time frame as a regular newborn session. If one is a bit restless and needs feeding or extra cuddles, thats when I work on the solo shots of the other. It usually all works out but if not, I do always have extra time set aside in case we need it.

newborn studio twin photography perth


Studio Newborn Baby Girl: 16 Days Old

16 Day Old Studio Newborn Baby

Welcoming my first baby for the year 2021 in early January and my 4th time seeing this beautiful growing family. Baby A was such a complying little model, letting me pose her without fuss. Mum and Dad wanted some nappy off shots and she didn’t even poop all over my blankets and wraps! :)))

These days, I tend to keep the nappy on for the entire session unless parents ask for nudie shots. If you would like a few naked baby shots for your session, please do let me know at the start of the session.

Perth studio newborn baby photography Linda Hewell Photography

Photography Package Pricing

Best time to take newborn photos?

When is the best time to take newborn photos? 
This beauty was 5 weeks old at the time of her session and she was the most relaxed, chilled out baby I could ever hope for. Just look at that gorgeous thick head of dark hair ❤️. 
newborn photos perth studio
With older newborns, you can truly get the best of both worlds. They may not be as tiny as a brand new baby who is less than 2 weeks old, and may or may not be as curly and flexible either, but 9 times out of 10, I can still get them to sleep for a few sleepy shots, they can still be wrapped and placed in props just like a little newborn and they are a little more aware of their surroundings so there are more possibilities of capturing eye contact, which is always a winner in the newborn photographer’s world! 
I photograph babies of all ages and love them all. There’s never any guarantee that any baby will be a sleeping, posing superstar. The best time for a newborn session is the time when YOU want to have one. 
Babies grow so fast in those first few weeks, some parents want to capture baby at their tiniest, with these wrinkly tiny features who fit snuggly into the palm of Mum or Dad’s hands, while others want a more awake, chunky baby where they hope to capture their emerging personality. 
My Short & Sweet packages are designed for babies of any age. 
My Simple newborn packages are best done for babies 6 days old up to 8 weeks but I find 5 weeks and under is the best age if you would like to try and capture my typical style of baby photography.
My Classic sessions, while best done before baby is 3 weeks old to get the true curly poses in hands style, they can still be done up to 5 weeks old quite successfully.
For my full pricing and more information on my newborn packages, please visit my pricing page at

Mobile Newborn Photography

Mobile Newborn Photography Perth

One of the benefits of mobile newborn photography is my clients don’t have to leave the house! There’s plenty of reasons some parents choose to have me come to them instead of them visiting my home studio. From the exhaustion of long sleepless nights or preferring to keep baby at home, or maybe even older siblings who are needing a nap midway through a session due to the time of day its held, there plenty of perks to having me visit with my mobile setup.

I bring everything needed for the newborn session including lights, posing bed, blankets, wraps, and props. All you need to do is let me know your colour preferences so I can coordinate and bring a few setups. By default, I bring whites and creams, and from there all you need to do is to add an additional colour or two to add to the mix.

Your solo newborn session will look consistent with the images you see on my website. Sibling and family photos are usually done against a plain wall in the home for a studio look, or in the master bedroom for more of a relaxed, lifestyle look. I can bring a small white or mocha coloured backdrop for tighter family shots if you don’t have a wall. My backdrops are best placed next to a ceiling to floor window for more even light.

This handsome guys session was done in the home. You wouldn’t really know it by looking at his full session, but he was quite unsettled and we had to take a lot of feeding and cuddling breaks. His session did take longer than most but that’s okay because he was exceptionally cute 🙂

Mobile Newborn Photography

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6 week old baby boy Newborn Studio Simple session

Newborn studio session

This gorgeous baby boy was 6 weeks old, and had just had his first set of needles and was so cooperative. He settled into his session nicely and even gave me a few moments of sleep time so we were able to capture the chin on hand pose before he woke up. He was simply so lovely! 

studio newborn Perth baby studio

Beautiful newborn Studio Baby Photography: Simple Session

Newborn Studio Baby Photography

Cute Baby Alert!… This handsome guy came in for an evening Simple session and as I mainly do morning or early afternoon photo sessions for newborns, I wasn’t sure how we were going to go. But as you can see, he was wonderful! I think we only had a little moodiness mid-way through but he got over quite quickly. 

I love my Simple sessions! These sessions are mainly baby focused with simple wraps, poses, and props. I never put babies into awkward poses and always make sure they are comfortable. Most newborn babies are happy to be on their back, side, and tummy and I rarely do anything that requires the baby to be positioned in unnatural poses. This works well for not only the baby but also the parents and myself. 

I am starting to add a bit of extra colour to my shots now and I’m liking it! I will always love white, lights and neutrals, you definitely cannot go wrong with this colour scheme, but I’ve also been adding a bit more of the bolder darker colours too which I’m quite thrilled about.

So if you are booking a newborn photoshoot with me, I am more than happy to take requests of certain colours that I may not currently have, and if there is time between booking and your session date, I will absolutely be happy to source an order a new coloured blanket or wrap 🙂

Most of my Simple sessions will last about 1.5 to 2 hours. I find that usually, this is enough time to get in the required amount of shots and setups for this package. Of course, there are times when baby is just not feeling it and may need extra cuddles and food so I do allow a bit of extra time between sessions for this reason. My goal is for you to walk out of my sessions with the images in the package you have booked. If baby is having a particularly hard time due to extreme fussiness, usually due to feeling unwell, colic or reflux, and we have not been able to achieve the minimum amount of package photos, I always welcome my clients to pop back into my home studio to try again. I think this has happened 2, maybe 3 times in my whole 13 years of doing newborn photography. 

If you are currently expecting a baby soon, or have just given birth and would like to book a studio newborn session, please do get in touch with me. All my pricing can be found on my website at

Meanwhile … isn’t he just beautiful!! x

Newborn baby studio Perth

Studio Simple Newborn Session: Sweet Baby Boy

My most popular package by far is the simple newborn session. These are beautiful simple shots featuring your baby as the star. There are no busy props, or heavy patterns to compete with baby, just images that capture your baby as is, whether they may be sleeping, awake, posed, or unposed.

During these sessions, I do like to try and get a mix of some natural unposed and posed sleeping shots for your gallery. I usually start off with my white backdrop and loose cotton wrap on the posing bed.  From here I can get a feel for what baby may or may not let me do. Some babies have no problem being handled at all, while some are quite touchy and will wake or cry at the slightest touch.

This gorgeous little newborn boy quite enjoyed his session. His big Sister, not quite so much :). But we were able to get a decent amount of images with Miss 2 before she had enough. Dad then took her out to the park for a little bit while we finished off baby’s solo shots. After a little time away from the studio she was ready to get in the last few shots before the session ended. Its always that little bit more challenging with the 2 to 3-year-old siblings, but they are a lot of fun to have around whether they love me or not 🙂

This beautiful young familys newborn session was done at my studio in Ellenbrook, Perth, Western Australia

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Perth Newborn Photography Studio

7 weeks old baby boy: Classic Newborn Session

This 7 week old baby boy was so good to me. He slept almost his entire session! He allowed me to do so many setups giving his Mum and dad plenty of variety in his newborn session. These older newborns are so much fun, sleeping or not, we can usually get some genuine smiles and eye contact, just like this little guy. His parents said at the beginning of the session that during the last week, he had begun to have much more awake time during the day, so I wasn’t counting on many sleep poses at all, but here he was, so sleepy and so cooperative :).

This is also the first time in a long time I’ve incorporated red into a session. Reds and browns and reds and black look gorgeous together. 

For more info and affordable package pricing, visit my pricing page at

studio newborn photography ellenbrook perth 1

Natural newborn baby photography: Simple Session

Natural newborn baby: Simple Session
Mister C just 3 weeks old ❤️ Such a snoozy sweetheart ❤️
This gorgeous 3 week old baby boy was just the sweetest. Mum wanted some very natural newborn baby photography poses and we took the opportunity to take some photos in his own outfit before undressing him for some wraps. I always like to encourage parents to have them dressed in a well fitted neutral outfit before the session if possible so if we can take a few shots of baby in clothing before undressing them. This is so especially helpful if baby is happily fast asleep before we begin, and is a great time to have those sleeping shots captured before disturbing them in the undressing process. 
The feeling of being undressed can be a little upsetting for some babies, who prefer to be clothed, so I am starting up my collection of rompers which parents can use during the session, which will help soothe baby who is a touch more awake and does not like the feeling of being nude … Speaking of being nude, nappies do stay on for most of the session, I only remove them at the parents request at the end of the session, or once we are ready for a blanket change, for any specific poses. 
This little guy was one of those babies who preferred to be dressed. He fell right back to sleep after his session ended, so I took the opportunity to place him back on the beanbag for a few extra shots. 
Special gifts are always welcome in all of my newborn sessions, such as this bear, a gift from Grandma. Don’t they just look cute together ❤️
Natural Newborn Photography Perth

Simple Studio Newborn Boy: Perth Newborn Photographer

3.5 Weeks Old Newborn Boy: Perth Newborn Photographer

While babies under 2 weeks old are generally considered the optimum time to have newborn photos done, there’s no reason to think you have missed the opportunity if your baby is beyond that age. This little guy at just 3.5 weeks old, had the strongest kicky legs ever! He busted through my tight wrap within seconds. Such a superman! He did resist sleep when he first arrived, but after a bottle and cuddle from Mum, he settled quickly once he got put into my ever so comfortable baby posie prop. The entire session from start to finish lasted a little under 2 hours, which is typical for a simple session like this.

Here are a few of my favourite samples from my popular Simple session. This session is called Simple because I like to use minimal props where the focus will always be on the baby and family. Even the props I do use besides the beanbag (bowls, posie, and baskets) are still kept to a minimum which results in a clean, fresh, simple, modern style. My posing is all baby-led, which means I let them decide which positions they are the most comfortable in and gently pose them so they are disturbed as little as possible. I love to look at baby images where the baby looks comfortable and cosy. 

To book a newborn session in this style, get in touch with me today. For full pricing and package information, please visit my pricing page



Lifestyle Newborn Photography: Newborn Photographer Perth

This gorgeous chunky newborn baby boy Mister L, just under 2 weeks old, was far too excited about me being there to want to fall asleep during his newborn session. He was not going to miss out on all the fun 🙂 He was so wide awake during most of his session and such a wriggler! But that was okay because we got some gorgeous awake shots of him showing off his beautiful blue eyes and he did manage to get a short little nap in for a few sleepy poses towards the end of his lifestyle newborn photography session.

I never know what to expect going into a lifestyle newborn session. All homes are different. Some have gorgeous natural light and open spaces, some have small windows and dark tiny rooms. I bring with me to every lifestyle session, my on-camera flash to bounce against a wall for the smaller rooms, and I also bring my studio flash for those more formal family portraits, that are usually taken in the master bedroom. I do a mix of lighting depending on the mood/room/available light. I take each room one at a time and determine what lighting best suits that particular room. I may even do a mix of both in the same room, because, why not!

Most areas utlised in a home lifestyle session are the master bedroom, nursery and lounge room. These are the only areas of your home that would benefit from a declutter if you wish. You’ve just come home with a baby. I am not expecting an immaculate house :).

For full pricing and package information, please visit my pricing page


10 Week Old Baby Girl Mobile Session – Perth Newborn Photographer

I absolutely loved this beautiful 10-week old baby girl who had a home visit with my mobile studio setup. It’s generally true (but not always), easier to photograph babies as newborns, as they do tend to sleep more soundly, therefore making them easier to pose, however, it’s absolutely possible to get the same kind of newborn images with older babies. This big bundle of joy was very much awake during her session, but the most important factor was that she was content, calm and happy, and like a newborn, she did eventually drift off to sleep allowing me to get those lovely, peaceful, sleepy shots. 

I never not take babies because they are past their “newborn stage”. In fact, I do love the older baby as there is more opportunity for lots of eye contact and smiles. 

If you never got the opportunity to have your baby’s first professional photos done because they are past the popular 2-week mark, it’s not too late. Just like any newborn session, there are no guarantees on any type of images, but there is still a good chance we can get those sleepy shots of your precious bigger baby with enough variety to fill your gallery. 


Home Visit Newborn Baby Boy – Perth Mobile Newborn Photographer

Beautiful newborn baby boy photographed in his own home with his gorgeous big sister, Mummy and Daddy during his Simple newborn session! I love the opportunity home visits give for unique, one of a kind backgrounds such as in the master bedroom of this family home. My bean bag set up was also right near the bed, so it was just a matter of moving my studio light around a little bit without the need to break it down and set it back up again in another room. Easy!

When newborn sessions have older siblings, I always try to do those siblings and family shots first. Even the shyest 2 to 5-year-olds warm up to me quite quickly and once the family and sibling shots are taken, they are free to go play elsewhere, nap or just hang around and watch. Even the keenest children quickly run out of steam once the novelty of me being there runs out. It’s just a good idea to get the most unpredictable shots out of the way first 🙂

Studio Newborn Natural Baby – Perth Newborn Photographer

Here is a small sample of my favourite images from one of my Simple newborn sessions with an exceptionally handsome and very happy baby boy taken in my home studio in Ellenbrook. I do love the simplicity of these types of images, although I am slowly trying to add a bit of colour and more props to add onto this simple package to give parents the option to add in a prop photo or two in their sessions. 

My style, however, will still always remain mainly baby focused. I do appreciate props but I still want your galleries to be filled with timeless images of your precious baby that won’t become outdated in years to come.

I love encouraging parents to bring baby in a plain onesie in whites, creams, ivories or pastels to start the session off in a few natural unposed images. It’s a fantastic opportunity to get a few extra images of baby in their own outfit.


10 Days Natural Baby Boy – Perth Mobile Newborn Photographer

Mum wasn’t sure if she wanted her handsome little baby to have his newborn marks edited out or not. As she was unsure, we decided that I would upload his gallery without any skin retouching and then she could decide from there what she wanted to do. She ended up choosing her gallery without any skin edits <3.

It can be a hard choice for parents whether to edit or not. Almost all newborn skin has little spots, flakes and red marks, and I am totally okay with having them left in if that’s the parent’s choice. It’s what makes each baby unique. My clients can choose to have their newborns skin left alone or cleaned up a bit. My full gallery editing style is to clean up major spots and flakes but leave any smaller ones on baby’s face. I like to leave their skin with as much natural texture as possible. Flakes on hands and skin, I generally leave alone or remove the large noticeable ones. I actually really love flaky hands and feet on a baby.

Along with my client’s edited gallery (skin cleanup or not), I also offer a set amount of digital images for a full cleanup and skin polish of their favourite images. These are for parents who love that full airbrushed look on newborn images however I find the majority of my clients are more than happy with just my natural edit.

Classic session taken in baby’s own home with my mobile studio setup 🙂



Newborn Baby AND 4 Month Old – Mobile studio Perth Newborn Photographer

Meet gorgeous Christmas baby Mister C! Born on Christmas Day. Now isn’t that the most wonderful gift you could ever possibly receive! And he was just the most calmest. sweetest baby boy who slept peacefully for almost the entire duration of his session! I was in baby bliss 🙂

For this Classic mobile home session, his utterly cute older cousin was involved in the session as well. I did wonder how it was all going to go with an almost 4 month old and newborn baby being posed together. I’m used to older siblings at least one year and older. And guess what? It was so so easy to photograph them together. Mister cutie cousin couldn’t run off when laying them down next to each other 🙂 It was perfect. Of course it did help him being such a happy boy, he was all smiles. He even had a nap while I was taken photos of his newborn cousin so I saw it as an opportunity to get a sleepy shot of a 4 month old! A bit of a rare pose in an older baby session. How adorable is he?

All these images were taken in my clients own home with my newborn baby mobile studio setup complete with studio lighting and props. I love going to clients homes for newborn sessions. Parents feel so much more at ease in their own home, coming and going as they please. Relaxed parents equals relaxed baby (not always, but a good chunk of the time).

8 Days Old Baby Girl Mobile Studio Session

Meet sweet Miss S who I had the pleasure to visit, in her own home for a mobile newborn studio session. She was just 8 days old and such a darling! And her older sister, who I met during Mums maternity session, was so full of beans and totally adorable too!

These are a few of the images you may expect to get from a Classic session done in the home. These particular ones were done in the guest bedroom. We only had room for the newborn setup in there so we did family photos on the bed. I love incorporating a bit of the family home in photos for that personal touch and, it works especially well for smaller rooms where I am unable to use an existing plain wall, or set up my backdrop stands.

Baby girl 8 Days Old

How sweet is little Miss at just 8 days old. She was just perfect in every way with the most beautiful thick dark hair! She managed to give me sleepy shots and awake shots which is what I like to aim for in a newborn session. Her big brother wasn’t keen at all to be photographed with her so I had to perform a bit of photography magic and composite the two of them into one image. There was no way he was going to get a photo taken with his new little sister so we had to make it happen after the photo session 🙂

2 Month Old Sweet Baby Girl

Newborn photos can be done with older babies. While its easier to do them as tiny little 10 day olds, the older babies give me so much personality. This pretty, sweet baby girl was 2 months old and she was VERY awake and did not want to be touched, moved, or put down at all. We had to come up with some creative ways to settle this sweetie into a short nap so we could get a few sleepy shots, which involved my prop bowls, some rather strong arms and a bit of rocking action! 

I never say no to photographing an older baby. All babies are the sweetest subjects to photograph no matter what their age. My usual style is very relaxed anyway so I don’t often do complex poses so this means my style can often be achieved at any age. There does come a time though when baby just will not feel sleepy at all and we just have to work with that.

My suggestion, is if you were hoping to get a few newborn looking images for your older baby, to have a Simple or Classic newborn package. This gives me a little time to help settle baby for a range of shots, including (hopefully) a sleepy shot or two.

The short and sweet session is perfect for those not particularly looking to have newborn style images, but who are just wanting a few professional natural looking photos of their chunky cherub 🙂

12 Day Old Newborn Baby Girl

This sweet little one came with her own blanket and special hat that Mum and Dad brought with them. I love including babys own items in some shots as they make the photos that much more meaningful to the families. She was a dream and very sleepy during her short and sweet session, only waking up at the very end as she was getting dressed to go home. 

8 Day Old Baby Boy

At just only 8 days old, this little fellow was utterly perfect. We managed to get a nice range of sleeping shots because he was just so chilled and relaxed. As the session was near the end, I realised that we had not had any baby awake shots, so thought we would try for some. This little cutie was a little hard to wake up, he was so sleepy, but after a bit of coaxing from Mum and Dad, we were able to convince baby to open his eyes for us, resulting in a few last minute natural style images at the end, including him in his going home clothes. Simple Newborn session taken in my home studio in Ellenbrook 🙂