Look! I’m In A Book

Hi guys! Just wanted to share with you a quick look at a bit of a side project I’ve been working on in addition to photographing cute newborns and beautiful expectant mothers. Many of you already know that before I decided to specialise in Maternity and Newborn Photography I used to do composite photography at my Creative Looks Photography Wembley Studio where I created children’s fantasy and fairy-tale photos for my clients.

I have always had an interest in compositing, and in fact, the creative/artist side of me frankly needs that kind of outlet. 🙂 That’s why earlier this year (2018) I decided to start Look! I’m In A Book where I create Personalized Children’s Storybooks using the child’s Name an Photo. Here is a sample page from my flagship book “If I Could Do Anything, Anything At All”

I’ve just started work on my second book titled “If I Were Friends With a Chimpanzee”. If you have a few moments, hop on over to and check it out. Thanks for indulging me in this quick break from my normal posts. I’ll be back soon with more cute babies and gorgeous mummies. 😉