What’s the difference between a Newborn Simple Session and a Timeless session?

What’s the difference between a Newborn Simple Session and a Timeless Session? 

I have 2 main sessions for newborns. They are the Simple session and Timeless session. What’s the difference you may ask? 

Simple Newborn Session:

If you are looking for more posed sleepy images of your baby then the Simple session is for you. Even though they are considered “posed”, those images are still very much relaxed and I let baby decide what poses they are happy for me to do. 

I usually start baby off on a white blanket with a loose white wrap for a completely natural look which I love. Then I move on a tighter swaddled wrap and start with family, sibling, then parent poses on the white seamless paper background. The swaddle enables baby to feel comfortable and secure. If I can I love to have their little hands peeking out from the wrap. 

From there I may do some prop shots and hopefully if baby’s really sleepy, will try to slowly unwrap on the posing bed and do all those sleepy shots. I like to try and get baby into 3 positions, a side, back and tummy pose. As each baby is different and may or may not like specific poses, no particular shot is guaranteed. It is however very rare I can’t get at least 2 good sleepy poses, sometimes unwrapped, sometimes wrapped, depending on baby’s comfort level. 

If baby is really not happy, or won’t go to sleep, the best thing to do is to put them in  one of my long sleeved, long legged rompers. I have a small selection of outfits suitable for this purpose. Some baby’s just do not like the feeling of not being clothed, no matter how warm the room is. 

Either way, regardless if baby is clothed or just has a wrap covering the nappy, the focus is on baby solo shots with a few additional family and sibling shots in standard poses 

Sample of Simple newborn session images in a collage.

Timeless sessions

These sessions are completely natural. Unposed and unwrapped. I use parents hands to position baby into “poses”. These sessions give off a more lifestyle, candid, connected feel, but still in a studio setting where lighting and props are controlled. For that light and airy look that focuses primarily on family connection, I do those shots on a backlit background. We then move onto the white seamless paper background for a few traditional poses as well as some more fun candid playful shots. 

Clients tend to receive more images in the Timeless session than the posed Simple session as there is a lot more family involvement and candid moments and we don’t spend time trying to get baby to sleep. Sessions can go a little shorter too depending on baby’s mood but I still do allocate the same amount of time as my Simple sessions in case baby is a bit unsettled or needs a feed. If baby is rather unsettled I will wrap in one of my loose white wraps. 

I have simple regular onsies in all sizes up to 000 in white if you wish to use my outfits for baby. I also have a few in some colours in certain sizes if you prefer a subtle pop of colour. If you wish for baby to wear their own clothing, please do make sure they fit correctly and are not too big.

As the session is shot in a white setting, and involves the parents/siblings much more than the Simple session, plain, lighter coloured clothing works best for work best for these sessions. I have simple regular onsies in all sizes up to in white if you wish to use my outfits for baby. If you wish for baby to wear their own clothing, please do make sure they fit correctly and do not bunch up around the shoulders.

What’s great about these sessions, is that they can be done at any age. If you think your baby is past the sleepy stage or you prefer very natural, unposed images, then this session is for you. It’s very much a go with the flow session and lots of fun! 

Natural baby, timeloess photo sessions in Perth

2 Week Old Mr F’s Newborn Photo Shoot

This exceptionally cute and adorable little guy decided to stay awake for the majority of his newborn photo shoot. 😃  That’s okay, because we were able to capture some of his cheeky personality as he focused on my camera. Such a pleasure to photograph such a lively and bubbly 2-week old!

As you can see however, in the end, we were able to sneak in some sleepy shots after all. 😉

mr f 2 weeks linda hewell newborn photography perth blog

Are you looking for an experienced and affordable Perth newborn photographer? If you like the newborn photos here on my blog and in my portfolio, and want similar newborn portraits for your own baby’s photoshoot, contact me to book your session today! 

I am based in Ellenbrook, WA but I also offer a convenient mobile newborn photography service. You can find information about that and my very affordable, all-inclusive newborn photography packages on my pricing page, plus heaps of info and my photography samples on my Linda Hewell Maternity and Newborn Photography website.  

Did you also know that I also Afterpay, where you can shop today and pay over time? So easy!

Timeless Older Newborn Session

Timeless Package: Older Newborn Session

If you feel like you’ve missed the boat because your baby is now 2 weeks old and every photographer is fully booked and can’t fit you in, it’s quite okay. You can still get gorgeous photos of your wide awake older baby.

This sweetheart was 9 weeks old and I must admit, I have been loving the older newborn age group lately. Look at all those expressions and REAL smiles 🙂

older newborn baby gallery

Due to Covid lockdowns, parents wishing to wait until the first set of vaccinations, or new Mums and Dads realizing they have yet to get their new baby professionally photographed, I get quite a few requests for older newborns and I love them so much!

Meet my newest package… the Timeless session. Very similar style to my short and sweet sessions but with extended time (1.5 hours) to get a full gallery and variety of natural, timeless and unposed images. These sessions focus more on family connections surrounding baby and are so ideal for the older baby or the wide awake newborn that prefers to be held by Mum or Dad rather than posed on their own. There is no pressure to get baby asleep, baby is happy because they get lots of cuddles from parents too. You would receive more variety of family/sibling photos than you would with my Simple and Classic newborn sessions which focuses predominantly on solo baby shots and and only 1 to 2 posed family shots, therefore generally more images in a gallery.

Babies are dressed in a traditional onsie/romper  (I have various sizes) and/or wrapped. The gallery is filled with timeless and natural poses that will never age. Clean, bright and crisp photos you can treasure for a lifetime.

What should I wear for these sessions?

As this particular style is very light and airy it is recommended to wear whites/lights. I do understand not everyone likes, or even has light colours in their wardrobe so if you prefer darker colours, wear black. The most important advice I can give regarding clothing is to keep clothing as plain as possible. This keeps the attention on baby and family, not on what you are wearing 

Can I include a few sleeping posed shots of baby in this package too?

It is possible but only if baby naturally falls asleep within the sessions time frame. With my other packages, we can spend a good chunk of time getting baby sleepy and ready for poses. This Timeless session is more lifestyle/family focused with an awake baby and we only stop for cuddles if baby is upset. If bub falls asleep, and time allows, then I am more than happy to include a sleepy shot or  two at the end.

1st Birthday Photography: Flowers & Lace Theme

1st Birthday Photography

The 1st birthday milestone is huge. The first year sees more changes in such a short amount of time than any other time of a person’s life. From a tiny, fragile and dependant newborn baby to the emerging personality of a one-year-old, often standing and about to (or already have), taking those first steps to independence, what better way to celebrate than with a very special birthday session.

I’ve photographed this beautiful little girl as a newborn, as an 8-month-old and now as a 1-year-old. Isn’t she just the sweetest little thing!

Perth baby studio photography 1st birthday

Simple Studio Baby Photos: 4 Months Old Cutie

Studio Baby Photos

While the majority of my newborn Simple sessions are done within baby’s first few weeks of life, it doesn’t stop me from photographing a similar style with the older babies too. Older babies are fun! Yes, they are much harder to fall asleep and pose and tend to wake up at the slightest touch. But with gentle handling, a spare bottle of milk or additional breastfeed, very often baby is able to fall asleep for at the very least, a few short minutes to allow me to get a sleepy pose or two.

If you think you have missed the mark on a newborn photoshoot, but really want to try, why not just give my Simple sessions a go. The longer session time means we can have a chance for baby to have a quick nap. It doesn’t always work, but then again, I have had a brand new newborn who refused sleep too.

It is best for older babies to have their session done in my home studio. I am set up for a variety of backgrounds, so you can walk away with a decent variety of images. And dont forget to include siblings and parents too!

This little chunky monkey was 4 months old and I was able to capture the best of both worlds during his Simple session. A wide-awake, happy, attentive, smiley baby and a couple of sleepy shots! All in the same time it takes to photograph a new newborn too. 

For my pricing and packages, please visit

Studio Baby Photos Perth





1st Birthday Cake Smash : Mickey Mouse

Awww this little Mickey is the cutest mouse ever! He was fortunate to have his own very special birthday shoot… on his actual birthday! Mum supplied his outfit and cake and I provided the decorations. I’m usually quite neutral but just loved the burst of colour.

It’s best to plan your cake smash/first birthday session a few weeks in advance if possible. I usually just do a colour scheme of your choice and add simple decorations with some balloons and a bunting and a romper/outfit if you do not have one for baby to get messy in, but I do have a few options I’m hoping to test out later this year. I just love doing these sessions so much.

Check out a few of my own favourites from this cuties 1st birthday cake smash session!

6 Month Miss S – Perth Studio Baby photographer

What a sweetie this little cutie was! She came into my home studio filled with the biggest smiles you could ever imagine. For just being only 6 months old, she had no problem sitting unaided AND she was zooming all over the place with her fast-paced crawls! I truly love the sitter age baby. They are packed with personality and 6 months plus is the perfect opportunity to have your precious baby’s second professional photoshoot (after newborn). 

I’m giving away one of these sessions every month this year. All newborns who allow promotional use on my websites go into a draw to win a studio sitter and cake smash session in an effort to build up my older baby portfolio. I’ve focused so much on newborns for the last 13 years, I don’t do older babies as often, but when I do … I want to do more!



10 Week Old Baby Girl Mobile Session – Perth Newborn Photographer

I absolutely loved this beautiful 10-week old baby girl who had a home visit with my mobile studio setup. It’s generally true (but not always), easier to photograph babies as newborns, as they do tend to sleep more soundly, therefore making them easier to pose, however, it’s absolutely possible to get the same kind of newborn images with older babies. This big bundle of joy was very much awake during her session, but the most important factor was that she was content, calm and happy, and like a newborn, she did eventually drift off to sleep allowing me to get those lovely, peaceful, sleepy shots. 

I never not take babies because they are past their “newborn stage”. In fact, I do love the older baby as there is more opportunity for lots of eye contact and smiles. 

If you never got the opportunity to have your baby’s first professional photos done because they are past the popular 2-week mark, it’s not too late. Just like any newborn session, there are no guarantees on any type of images, but there is still a good chance we can get those sleepy shots of your precious bigger baby with enough variety to fill your gallery. 


Newborn Baby AND 4 Month Old – Mobile studio Perth Newborn Photographer

Meet gorgeous Christmas baby Mister C! Born on Christmas Day. Now isn’t that the most wonderful gift you could ever possibly receive! And he was just the most calmest. sweetest baby boy who slept peacefully for almost the entire duration of his session! I was in baby bliss 🙂

For this Classic mobile home session, his utterly cute older cousin was involved in the session as well. I did wonder how it was all going to go with an almost 4 month old and newborn baby being posed together. I’m used to older siblings at least one year and older. And guess what? It was so so easy to photograph them together. Mister cutie cousin couldn’t run off when laying them down next to each other 🙂 It was perfect. Of course it did help him being such a happy boy, he was all smiles. He even had a nap while I was taken photos of his newborn cousin so I saw it as an opportunity to get a sleepy shot of a 4 month old! A bit of a rare pose in an older baby session. How adorable is he?

All these images were taken in my clients own home with my newborn baby mobile studio setup complete with studio lighting and props. I love going to clients homes for newborn sessions. Parents feel so much more at ease in their own home, coming and going as they please. Relaxed parents equals relaxed baby (not always, but a good chunk of the time).

2020 Sitter and First Birthday Giveaway Competition

I hope everyone is having a great start to the new year, cuddling your new babies or patiently waiting your little one to arrive! I have an amazing model call competition to kick off the new year…  every newborn baby session held in 2020 will go into a draw to win a SITTER AND FIRST BIRTHDAY full session packages!!! At the end of every month starting January, I will randomly draw one of my newborn baby clients to come back when they are able to sit unaided and at 1 years old for a very special birthday session. I’m looking to giveaway 12 of these double sessions. Why am I doing this? It’s because I want to do more older babies with cheeky smiles wearing one of my outfits to add to my portfolio galleries. Book in your newborn sessions now for a chance to win 2 sessions with full galleries included. 

Terms and conditions:

Winners must allow their images to be shared online on any of my websites and marketing materials.

Photographs will be taken in my style. Props and outfits will be included to add variety and interest. 

Winners may also bring their own special outfit to the session.

First birthday sessions includes a bath prop, balloons, a bunting, and an outfit. A cake is not included but winners may bring one to include a cake smash in the session if desired. 

All sessions will be held in my studio only.


First Birthday Cake Smash

This little cutie took out the happiest baby ever award! He was non stop smiling for most of his first birthday cake smash session, although a little perplexed and hesitant towards the cake. He really was having the greatest time. I absolutely loved him! 

These cake smash sessions are soooo much fun! They fall under my General sessions and I can provide simple decorations such as a bunting and balloons in the colour scheme of your choice. A simple romper outfit can be provided too if you have nothing o coordinate with the chosen colours. 

Because of some allergy issues, I currently do not provide the cake but it is something I am looking into for the future. Parents bring in their own cake of choice along with any additional props they may wish to incorporate into the session. A couple of outfit changes as well, and parents end up with a wide variety of images.

Cake smash sessions are best booked at least 4 to 6 weeks in advance so colour schemes and outfits can be coordinated and sourced before the session date.


2 Month Old Sweet Baby Girl

Newborn photos can be done with older babies. While its easier to do them as tiny little 10 day olds, the older babies give me so much personality. This pretty, sweet baby girl was 2 months old and she was VERY awake and did not want to be touched, moved, or put down at all. We had to come up with some creative ways to settle this sweetie into a short nap so we could get a few sleepy shots, which involved my prop bowls, some rather strong arms and a bit of rocking action! 

I never say no to photographing an older baby. All babies are the sweetest subjects to photograph no matter what their age. My usual style is very relaxed anyway so I don’t often do complex poses so this means my style can often be achieved at any age. There does come a time though when baby just will not feel sleepy at all and we just have to work with that.

My suggestion, is if you were hoping to get a few newborn looking images for your older baby, to have a Simple or Classic newborn package. This gives me a little time to help settle baby for a range of shots, including (hopefully) a sleepy shot or two.

The short and sweet session is perfect for those not particularly looking to have newborn style images, but who are just wanting a few professional natural looking photos of their chunky cherub 🙂

Cake Smash 1st Birthday Session

First birthday cake smash sessions are so much fun. Theres so much to celebrate being one years old and why not do it with a bit of added colour, decorations and a studio photo session! This cutie was very hesitant when she first arrived. I was getting those typical blank stares and frozen moments 🙂 She wasn’t all that interested in the cake either, she wasn’t too keen on touching or tasting it, so I brought out a wooden spoon and then the fun began. Splattering cake pieces everywhere, I can truly say that she smashed the cake. And she did it well! 

We moved quickly to the bath setup and thats when those huge smiles started. She loved splashing around in the tub and by this time she was having a great time (there is something about water that makes a lot of babies very very happy!).

A quick bath and towel dry, surprisingly, this little sweetheart was still in a reasonably good mood so we finished off with a few backlit shots. Here are just a few of my favourites I quickly chose from her gallery. Happy first birthday little one! <3

12 week Old Baby Boy Short & Sweet Session

I was so in love with this little baby boy. Can you believe he was 12 weeks old on the day of his session! Just a tad bigger in size than a newborn but so smiley and happy. He gave me all the newborn feels but with the charming personality of a 3 month old <3. Isn’t he just gorgeous. I first met Mum and Dad for their maternity session a few months ago, and I am so glad they brought their little man to me. He was so well behaved during his short and sweet session, we had time to include a blanket change. 

First Birthday Cake Smash

First Birthday Cake Smash

What a little sweetheart this gorgeous girl was! I loved this session so much. I don’t normally do much in the way of props but I always welcome parents bringing in their own to make their babys session unique and special just for them. 

Here are just a few of my favourite images (it was hard to choose by the way) from 13 month old Miss I’s General session. She ended up with a very full gallery due to being such a little superstar! As I myself find it hard to pick and choose favourites, I don’t expect my clients to do that hard task either, so all my packages are all inclusive of all edited images taken on the day minus misfires and duplicates. My clients can choose in their own time which images they love the most 🙂


Milestone Session: 6 Months Miss P

Baby Milestone Session: 6 Months Miss P

Baby Milestone Session

If theres one session I look forward to the most, it would have to be the baby milestone session. Its just so exciting for me seeing my little mini newborn clients come back with a whole heap of personality and lots and lots of smiles and giggles! They do change so fast, its hard to believe that this little sweetheart was just a little tiny bundle of goodness at when I first photographed her at 11 days old. I’m almost positive she slept the entire time for her newborn session, and here she is now, all grown up, as cute as ever, wide awake and full of gorgeous chubby 6 months personality!

See her newborn session here

These quick milestone sessions are only 20 to 30 minutes long and just the perfect amount of time for the older baby to come in, get warmed up, enjoy themselves for a little while before losing interest and giving up on the whole idea of having their photos taken :))). I usually ask that parents bring baby in already dressed and ready to go if possible and I always encourage the parents to jump in and have a few photos taken with their baby as well. This serves two purposes. For the shy baby, its always comforting to have their Mum or Dad nearby and secondly, its the perfect opportunity to have some updated photos to look back on in years to come.



7 Months Old Mister E: Baby’s 1st Year Milestone Session

Baby’s 1st Year Milestone Session

Seeing my newborns return as older babies for their Baby’s 1st Year Milestone Session is really something special. It is a blessing to watch these babies grow up and develop such individual personalities. I first met this handsome little guy, Mister E when he was a teeny tiny baby. He then came back at 3 months and just recently as a happy giggly 7 month old. I cannot wait to see him as a one year old.

Milestone sessions are captured when:

Babies are laying on three belly and comfortably lifting up their head (approx 3 to 4 months)

They are sitting up well unassisted for short periods of time (approx 6 to 7 months)

And are just learning to stand without help (approx 1 year)

My quick milestone mini sessions are available for past newborn clients only and stay within my preferred clean, simple style on white/light setups. They are currently priced at $80 per session and is a perfect opportunity to get a few extra shots of baby as they move from milestone to milestone. Some babies at this age can start to get a little shy so its always best for parents to be prepared to jump into the shots too if needed.

All my pricing can be found on my website at

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